Palpa District, a part of Lumbini Province, is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal. Tansen is the headquarter of Palpa. It is famous for its locally handcrafted ‘Dhaka Topi’ (Nepali cap).

Palpa is famous for Rani Mahal (which means queen’s palace), which honors the General and governor of Palpa; Khadga Shamsher’s love for his young wife Tej Kumari Devi, who died a year before its construction began. The palace was built by General of Palpa Khadga Samsher Rana in the 19th century as the memory of his queen Tej Kumari Devi. Right Palace is the most visited place and is equated with the Tajmahal of India. So it is considered as ‘Tajmahal of Nepal’. The green forest named Rani Ban and the Rani Ghat River surrounds Ranimahal. It is a small beautiful and magical palace with a temple, pond, and garden. Rani Mahal offers a quiet environment for visitors. Visitors can easily reach here from Tansen bazaar after a few hours on the trek. No one should miss visiting this historical place.



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