Bardiya District, one of the seventy-seven Districts of Nepal, is located in the Lumbini Province of Nepal. Gulariya is the district headquarters and the Tharu people are the main habitant of the district.

Bardiya National Park was established in 1988 as Royal Bardia National Park. It covers an area of 968 km² and it is the largest national park in Nepal. Besides the high peaks of the Himalayas, Nepal has lush jungles full of wild animals and birds. It takes a long time to reach Bardiya National Park from Kathmandu which scares off most of the tourists so the park gets relatively few visitors but it is certainly worth visiting this park because of the animals and birds as well as watching and enjoying the Tharu culture found nearby the park. It is rich in flora and fauna.
Thakurdwara is the gateway to the park, and this town is surrounded by scenic and authentic villages of the local indigenous Tharu population. Bardiya National Park is one of the best places to see wild cats such as leopards and tigers, crocodiles, and wild elephants. Safari done by jeep or elephant becomes a lifelong memory.
Bardiya is a perfect place to explore nature and its wildlife. It is rich in flora and fauna and offers some of the best wildlife viewings in Nepal. The national park is getting famous for the growing population of Bengal Tigers. Bardia is one of the best places in Nepal to spot this majestic animal. Visitors may get a chance to see other animals like rhinos, wild elephants, crocodiles, and various deer species. Some of the uncommon bird species can be seen flying or singing for visitors. An endangered Gangetic dolphin can be seen in the Karnali River if the visitors are lucky enough.  


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