Solo Female Travelers

Nepal- A tailor made destination for solo female travelers
Nepal is undoubtedly one of the safest countries to visit for all walks of life. It is one of the most frequented part of the world since ages .People here are friendly, kind, and carry dignity on their shoulders with a subtle smile on their faces. The locals are approachable but have a certain degree of shyness that is reflected when one speaks to them. Against all odds it is a beautiful Himalayan country to be navigated for your own good. With so many qualities it bears and showers upon the travelers; is solo traveling advisable? especially for the females. So this question keeps running in mind that how safe Nepal is for Solo female travelers. To answer all this questions out rightly, we have come up with genuine factual information. We are absolutely certain that these facts will address all the queries, and put all your doubts to rest.

  • Important Tips For Solo Women Travelers To Remember
  • First and foremost as much as possible try not travel anywhere alone in the dark if the city is not crowded.
  • Ask somebody to guide you to your destinations. But you must watch out with whom you are asking for help.
  • Nepal being a conservative country dressing modestly is very important.
  • Even if the trail is easy, please go with a professional trekking guide.
  • Take photos of things you are suspicious of and put a record of dates, places and if possible, you meet.
  • Avoid staying in a low-grade hotel as it is prone to seen and unforeseen risks and is not safe. Instead stay in a reputed hotel where accommodations facilities are available at a reasonable price and completely safe for women.

The above mentioned tips are for you to always remember, and make a note of it. Besides that there are certain aspects that you need to understand as well.

The Dress Code
Female travelers heading to Nepal must remember that Nepal is a pretty conservative country, and dressing modestly is very important. While in public you should always wear clothes that cover your skin. Pants, dresses, shorts, skirts are some of the western clothes which are pretty common in Nepal also. So, you can dress accordingly that doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the locals.

Solo Female travelers in Nepal and sexual harassment
Women travelers coming to Nepal are pretty safe and they do not face any kind of harassment at all. In Nepal sexual harassment is an unfortunate and unusual occurence and is not to an extremes’ of levels. Hence if you are in a crowded place, it is very important to be self-aware. You should therefore be cautious and watch out in every turn and twists that you tread on.

How safe is Nepal for African or African American Women?
Nepal is a friendly country, and has always been a place to travel with dignity and safety. However Nepal does not see much of African or African American tourists in numbers as the other tourists. Due to this at times people will stare at you. The stare would be only a glance of curiosity, nothing else. Overall, it is a pretty safe country to travel alone even if you are African or African American or belong to any other country or race.

Be selective and careful about your accommodation
Being selective and choosing a safe accommodation is one of the most important aspects for a solo women traveler. The place to stay should always feel like home with safety. Therefore while booking the accommodation, always be sure to read the review of the establishment, and then book the reservation. So, choose your accommodation wisely and carefully.

Solo Female Travelers and Trekking in Nepal
Over the years solo women trekkers from various countries have trailed the Annapurna Base Camp, Everest Base Camp, and more. These trails remain busy and filled with trekkers every month of the year except for the monsoon season. The sight of a fellow traveler is pretty common on these routes. If you are a female solo traveler we always recommend you to go on a trek with a professional trekking guide. We genuinely say this because the trekking trails of Nepal are confusing and the chances of getting lost is imperative. So, instead of trekking alone, you can go with a guide or else a female guide to be safe on the right track.

Unequivocally, the very thought of traveling alone for a solo female travelers in Nepal is entirely possible. Nepal is by any stretch of imagination a safe country for solo female trekkers. Nepal maybe be considered as a carrying old traditional and conservative beliefs. However, Nepalese society is liberal and tolerant towards western culture as well. Mission Nepal Holidays over the years have been organizing solo female trekking journeys with safety and care. So without a second thought choose Nepal as your next travel destination without a doubt.

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