Water Sports

Singapore is an international metropolis and hub for business. This status brings quite a number of visitors to the city-state, but the past few decades have also brought tourists to this small and pretty country. While the heart of the city offers food and shopping districts par excellence, the real attraction is the water sports in Singapore. 
Kayaking – Solo Boating
Kayaking in the calm waters around the city’s many islands is one of the best family-friendly water sports in Singapore. You can also try Kayak fishing in Singapore which is an interesting activity. One can kayak with one or two people at a time, the activity is great for both – solo as well as groups. There are plenty of trained adventure guides here that can help you with both equipment and skills. 
A wonderfully weird sport, windsurfing (as the name suggests) combines surfing and sailing. Surfing boards used by windsurfers have a sail that gives the surfers direction and speed. Once you get good at it, you can do loops, jumps, and other crazy stuff to get that adrenaline rush. The Constant Wind is the basic package, and you can start from here to master the sport. Local guides are usually willing to teach you the basics of the sport.
If you were hoping to fly over the ocean, you can choose to fly on board in Singapore. For newbies, flyboarding involves a hydro-flighting device that propels you over the water where you can fly and cartwheel around like Jetpack Dave. This truly adrenaline-pumping sport is available in packages that supply experienced instructors and water sports equipment. It’s surely one of the most adventurous water sports in Singapore.
Jet Skiing
You can rent out to go jet skiing in Singapore for an hour or even three hours and take the enormously fun-powered vehicle out on the waters. Of course, before you do, you will be given a basic intro course by professional instructors. There are also packages where you are provided jet skiing lessons and free meals. This is one of the most preferred Singapore water sports.
Wakeboarding is a much safer surfing experience for you and your family. Basically, you ski on specially designed boards whilst being tied to the back of a fast-moving watercraft. The Singapore Wake Park offers brilliant facilities for the sport, including three different cable lines that separate beginners from intermediate and expert wakeboarders. It is the best water sports centre in Singapore.

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